Very fast wind

For the past couple of weeks there has been major winds clocking in the 100 kts sometimes for me on training server is anyone else experiencing


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Yeah. It’s called the jet stream.


Yeah but the qhile earth is coverd in it for me

*whole typo lol

It’s the jet stream my friend. The jest stream covers the whole globe


Have a look at

Adjust the altitude and you will see the winds aloft at different elevations. IF utilizes real weather data for the live servers ;)


Wow i thought jetstreams were like one stream not the whole earth

Yah that’s completely normal

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As @N1RG said, it would be the jet stream. They are easterly winds that clock very high speeds up high. Looks like you caught a pretty high breeze though! If you want to know more about the jet stream, -Wendover Productions video that talks a lot about it.


So yeah my poor 737 us flying over japan rt in 100kt croswind

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Yep. Jet streams usually flow east to west so if you are flying north or south you are more than likely to have a crosswind

You mean flow East, right?

Yes, please use context clues!

Fixed. But yes EAST*

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My poor 737 rt 😞 i guess watching mags tv in the backround will help

You actually have a Tailwind…which is pushing you and make you go faster over the ground

Lol, don’t worry; this is literally the same type of weather that plane-builders build planes for.

True but i checked that wind website it says ill have crosswind soon enough

Enjoy the Tailwind while you have it

High winds are very typical pretty much anywhere you fly. The strongest are across the aAtlantic ocean, which I’ve seen up to 160kn.