Very Early Morning Arrivals @EIDW 29th August

Hello all. The other day I set my alarm for 5am to go see some early morning arrivals down at Dublin airport! I only got to sleep at about 3am so you can imagine how tired I was lol. Anyway without further ado I present you with my pictures!

Firstly we have a Ryanair 737 EI-EPD with the landing gear all lit up by the beacon light holding short of runway 28 with the lights inside T2 in the background

Our first arrival today was a Delta A330-300 N821NW arriving from Atlanta with a red glow from the incoming sunrise in the background!

Next up we have a 737-400 freighter EI-HAA from East Midlands.

Next up we have a very special arrival from KLAX in the form of a Virgin Atlantic 787-9 G-VYUM. Virgin Atlantic have started doing a few cargo flights during the pandemic one of which is KLAX-EIDW-EGLL. I got a few pictures of the 787 departing to Heathrow but I won’t include them in this topic. So if any of you are looking for a short 787 flight to do in IF EIDW-EGLL is about a 50 minute flight time.

Now for some very special shots I have been dying to show yous guys! The first of which is a Ryanair 737 EI-DHG from Leeds.

The second of which is my favourite shot of mine that I’ve taken so far. An American Airlines 787-8 N800AN from Dallas.

And the final silhouetted shot is another Ryanair 737 EI-DPF in a portrait shot.

Our 8th photo is EI-LRB an Aer Lingus A321neoLR heading out to London Heathrow.

Next we have a Gulfstream G450 N451FX from FlexJet.

Our final shot for today is a Lufthansa A320neo from Frankfurt!

I hope you guys enjoyed this topic. It has certainly been my favourite one so far. Unfortunately with school starting back along with the fact that I’ll hopefully be doing PPL groundschool on the weekends there will be far fewer of these topics from me. I’ll try to get out spotting as much as I can during the holidays thanks for reading!


Canon 500D with a 55-250mm lens


These are amazing photos!


This plane seems to be owned by FlexJet if you want to include that. Nice shots!

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Never fail to disappoint with these they’re incredible 😍😍

Thanks mate! I had an Air Canada 787-9 too but unfortunately the pictures weren’t good enough to make the topic :( Beautiful aircraft though!

Thanks mate I’ve added that now :)


Great job! I have a little bit of a geeky camera question; do you usually have to use an ISO of higher than 100, given the mostly cloudy and low-light situations at EIDW. Thanks!

Cool pictures!
If you look at #5 from an arms length away, it looks like it’s taking off and landing 😂

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@AndrewWu come now. Please.

These are gorgeous 😍

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Wow you’ve pulled it out of the bag once again Ryan. Very well done

Stunning photos, that Ryanair 737 is brilliant 😍

Amazing pictures Ryan, well done! 😍

Thanks Ben :)

I actually don’t mess with it. The camera sorts it out on its own ;)

Yeah haha. It’s pretty cool alright.

Thanks mate :D

Thanks Luke and Hugh!

Thanks mate! Which one lol. I’ve got three Ryanair’s in there haha.


That’s commitment!

The ASL Airlines, B787 and LH ones must be my favourites today, but the sunrise shots are really impressive as well. It’s also cool to see the higher bypass ratio on the A321Neo engine. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Julian ;) The A321neoLR has got to be one of my favourite aircraft that’s for sure. I slept for another 5 hours once I got home afterwards lmao. Was a painful experience but I’d happily do it again sometime

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