Very disappointing IFATC services at KJFK

This is not a ghosting appeal.

Hi! Being a Grade 5 with over 3000 hours, I consider myself a very frequent Infinite Flight pilot who flies long hauls inbound to the IFATC schedule on a daily basis.

About half an hour ago, I just finished my medium haul to KJFK (it is on schedule for Sunday). In the ATIS the controller gave 13L/R and 4R as landing runways. The winds were 03008kts so It was a perfect chance for me to practice a nice crosswind landing. I was inbound from the north, tuned in to tower and requested 13L. A few planes had landed before me on 13R but none were currently on approach ahead of me.

The tower however, ordered me to enter straight in runway 4R. How is that a valid insturction? Ok lets give the controller benefit of doubt, maybe he was planning something for an aircraft behind me which I did not understand. But I was supposed to be number 1 on approach. Both 13L and 13R were available yet he told me to enter 4R. And how in the world do I enter straight in to a runway I am on opposite heading to? The instruction should have been either enter downwind or base. Some of you might say I should have responded with “unable”, but I have never in my entire IF career used that button, and I never intend to. I always try to believe that there must be a valid reason for whenever I receive strange instructions since ATC is monitoring the entire airspace. My thinking is limited to my aircraft and immediate surroundings. However, sadly today that was not the case.

Once I was established on the ILS, he cleared 2 aircraft inbound from the south to enter straight in 4L, whereas 4L was not an active landing runway according to the ATIS, it was being used for departures only.

Lastly, as soon as my wheels touched down, I got a message to expedite my exit. I hadn’t even rolled out yet. There was literally nobody behind me at all, let alone on short final.

My request is to the IFATC supervisors to take note of this feedback regarding poor controller performance. No pilot flying on expert server deserves to have such a disappointing end to their flight.

I decided not to tag or mention the controller in question intentionally, as not to make this a public shaming thread. If an IFATC supervisor is interested, I would be more than happy to send them the controller name via PM.

Blue Skies and Happy Landings to all!

Amaar Viqar


Hello Amaar,

I believe my colleague @Prasoon_S was controlling, please discuss this with him in DM.

Have a good morning.


Nope, it wasn’t him. This thread was not made to help me find the controller, I already know who it was.

Please read the thread fully before commenting :)


It wasnt me by any chance ;)


Hello, check my DM!
Sorry to hear about this experience, but the way you addressed this was very mature.
If you would like an immediate answer I recommend actually messaging this controller and asking why, if you have further questions it’s best to add a trainer to the DM.

Trainers btw. Their are some great trainers that are not supervisors


He knows who the controller is, and Amar, if you have a problem with a controller it’s best you contact a mod or a supervisor directly. This kind of topic is unnecessary and unhelpful.


Sorry! He clearly stated he is not looking for controllers. Please read before “ DM Controller” call pls. Why everyone quick to tag ppl for no reason. We can happily live on this community server without tagging ppl. I can’t remember when I tagged person last time. I’m not showing off, I’m just saying.


Yeah I saw it, I was rushed because I had to do something IRL.

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Sad to hear that you found my post “unnecessary and unhelpful” Aryan.

I believe this is a public forum where we can express our opinion and maturely conduct infinite flight related discussions. I was merely doing the same, sharing my experience with the community.

I did not blame anyone specific, I did not act childish, I did not demand crazy things nor did I act out in a rant.

I have and always will be extremely thankful to all the IFATC controllers for their amazing services day in and day out. It makes the sim much more enjoyable and realistic. This is one of the very reasons why I made this post in the first place! When you know something is so good and useful, but someone comes along and starts ruining it, wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to stop that person? I have no personal quarrel with the controller during my flight. I am looking at the bigger picture as to not let the IFATC reputation be tarnished in any way.

We’re all human after all, we all make mistakes. I believe that my controller must be a good enough controller (after all he did get clearance to open on expert). Maybe he was just having a bad day.


I can clearly see you understand we all human do mistakes sometimes. It’s one of those days the service was below par maybe for you. It’s ok to get the frustration out on this community forum regarding product and service, we got nice stuff and mods to sort it out, and I think they will get back to you regarding this. Hope you will be satisfied with the outcome.


Just a quick update guys, for those who are following this thread:

I have been contacted by the controller in question, and after a delightful chat, we both came to a peaceful and mature conclusion that it was neither of our faults. Just a lack of communication between our respective ideas, thats all. Thank you and have a nice day :)

This post may be closed whenever possible.


Hey, I am just going to reply to this part of your Message, Atc can make you land on any runway it doesn’t have to be clearly Stated in the ATIS ( although it would be better ) Lets take EDDF as an example: Initialy all Aircraft are vectored to 25L/R but if ATC has space they may use 25C for landings too. (As far as I know 25C isn’t marked as a Landing runway in the ATIS ).
I am not totaly sure on this so feel free to corect me if u find something that isn’t quite right.