Very cool F-22 J-turn

Hey everyone!

While browsing youtube, I found this very cool video of a F-22 completing a J-turn.

Im going to try it in IF now.

heres the video:


Very interesting, I’m gonna try that in IF too

How’s he do it w/o losing altitude?


It was possible in the updates before this one (except the initial release of Global), but I can’t seem to do that. But I can do a cobra or a flip at the right speed.

Thrust vectoring is your friend

Not really a J-Turn but cool

That was pretty damn tacti-cool, sorry to those who just died of Cringe.

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I mean, that is pretty sick, but let’s be honest. A F22 is never going to need to make that move in combat. No one can see them, they can fire their rockets something like 100 miles away and hit you.

Just imagine being the Russian frog foot crew that was rolled up on by 2 of those F22… think they peed a little?

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They peed a lot.

I definitly would be scared if I face dreams the greatest fighter pilots in the greatest fighter jets in the entire world.

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