Very Cool Alaskan Livery

Saw this very nice Alaskan Boeing livery at KDEN a week ago. Thought that the hybrid livery was very cool.


That looks really cool. Alaskan has a lot of special liveries that look really cool.


I saw that fly by when I was in Washington, D.C.

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Looks nice!

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Saw this in YVR a few days ago. Gotta admit Alaskan did a great crossover with Boeing

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See it almost everyday in Alaska

That’s Spirit of Seattle, I saw it a few times when I was up at SEA last year!

I saw the new frontier and new alaskan at PHX

Nice, I love special liveries.

The name of it is “Spirit of Seattle”, since Boeing headquarters is in Seattle, and Seattle is also Alaska Airlines main hub. You’ll notice by the hybrid between the Boeing livery and the Alaska livery.


I enjoy watching them depart past me every morning

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