Very close at SFO

Hello everyone. Earlier I was controlling at SFO on training server when there were two parallel aircraft inbound for runways 28L and 28R. After many speed requests, the two planes came very close to landing at the same time. Still waiting on the day I will get a parallel landing at SFO :(


Once my friend and I did an EXACT parallel landing at SFO… wish you were there to see it

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You shouldn’t request speeds just for a shot.


Unlucky. Maybe ask two of your friends to help


I said thank you to them and they both said your welcome so I think they were fine with it

That’s called curtesy. And still not supposed to request speeds especially on final.


I’ve done a parallel landing at SFO a couple times. It’s really cool to experience. Hopefully you will get that opportunity again soon and eventually get to do one yourself.

I’ve done a parallel landing at LAX, (25R and 25L)
It was really close! Great pics! 😃👍🏻

I’ve had like 6 parallel landings at KSFO🤷🏾‍♂️


I’ve done parallel landing at Munich

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I’ve also seen a parallel landing one time. I was flying a 737 for United and a Alaskan air guy landed beside me. I was very nervous because this was my 3rd day being the captain😂🤭

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You fly for United? What’s your number I want to see if you will fly tommorow

I used to fly United now I fly lufthansa

I once was flying in a group flight with @OrcaKid from KLAX to CYVR and we planned upon arrival to do a parrel landing and we stayed together it was pretty cool

Like I asked, what’s your pilot number?

You shouldn’t request speeds for the sake of a picture. They may have said “You’re welcome” but I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both of them makes a report. The training server ATC setting is for people trying to be a part of the expert IFATC. And as a training pilot, its nerve-wracking trying to land at Atlanta but continously getting a “go-around” command due to a possible three-wide landing

To clear up everything about me requesting speeds:

I pm’d both of the users and they both said they were fine with it. They were trying to land at the same time but the difference in size did not allow for that.

This is the closest I’ve got!

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I’ve done a parallel in CYYZ, unfortunately there was no ATC, we touched down at basically the same time !!! Which u were there!