Very busy airport

Busy airport today


I hate those endless approaches


I spent 1 hour flying like a dizzy cockroach

lol, these type of approaches are so annoying you waste like half and hour only going in random directions…

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if it hadn’t been a 10 hour flight I would have closed the app

Flies into busy airport

Delays occur

In all seriousness, this is part of the territory when flying into small airports on FNF. Make sure to pack extra fuel and have plenty of time to accommodate delays!


love this ahaha

you either get a perfect approach or it just gets so messy

This is so great. Give me the old ATC schedule so I can fly in with hundreds of people, but don’t inconvenience me with the need to be vectored because of the traffic levels.

Keep up these good comments!

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Had to go around due to bad ATC spacing between landing and taking off traffic

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The atc person needed to be changed to resolve this. During the time I was there are 2 exchanges

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