Very bad airport quality in India and Southeast Asia

Well I have noticed one thing that airports in India have very bad quality. Take away 5 to 6 major airports the rest of the major and some minor airports have been done away with only a runway and an accompanying taxiway. There is no parking stand or gate to perform a realistic flight. Please look into this

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You can become an airport editor and fix all the airport that aren’t of high quality in those areas.


That is unedited airport, and it will take a while to edit them. Note that we don’t take request airport for edit, it is our choice if we want to.

As shown above by @anon7075715 not everything can be 100% accurate. You can join the airport editing team and fix them yourself if you would like though

Hi there mate, let the editors to update your airport, as Global has more or less enter some years ago, they have to update and to edit some airports, because there are a lot of in the hole world, wait some time to the next update, to see if your airport, in this case, was edit by anyone and updated.
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1 reply,the top one clears all confusion. No need of 4 another.

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I edited some airports but did not followed because I had no time, at first it is difficult but once you understand it, is easy

Can i help edit a few airports in India???

Yes you can :)

Send a DM to @Moritz and I’m sure he’d give you an introduction to the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team.


Sure you can! If you think you’re upto it, Apply here

or do this ^ :)

Look out for the next airport update, I’ve been working on a few Indian Airports ;)

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