Very annoying visibility bug

For the second time now, the visibility is just “stuck” and is not dissipating even though I’m over an airport with 50km visibility. This also happened last night when I flew an overnighter. What really irritates me is that the visibility stayed low for the entire flight including when I was landing. I am certain the same thing will happen here.

Hey sorry about this. They said they’d look at this issue after the new year if I recall correctly. They are aware of this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!


And until then what do I do? Just watch clouds instead of the beautiful ground? This really ruins the whole purpose of flying.

I have had that happen once where there was no visibility the entire flight until I was a few miles from landing.

The other night I got no visibility shortly after takeoff and it was off and on the whole flight, so I know what you mean and it is frustrating.

Yup, I reproduced the issue here.


As already mentioned, known issue.
It will be addressed after the holidays when we’re all back on track and can deal with non-critical issues such as these :)

Thank you!