[very ambitious idea] Form of currency on live

This idea is a very ambitious and quite unrealistic idea and done mainly for fun

Added Currency on Live called coins

When flying on expert server with this idea there would be 2 options

Normal Live flight. (not many changes)
(make small amount of coins in similar way exp is gained currently on live

New Mode
Fly Passengers/Cargo with a pre-determined flight plan with fuel burn you buy fuel before flight with coins

Make much more coins then normal flight
Make much more exp then normal flight

both modes would be on same server (expert)

How the new mode would work after making small amounts of coins on Normal Live Flight from doing normal flights. When you have enough coins you can purchase fuel on the new mode so when you enter live you select new mode and when you click new mode a new user interface would give you an option of selecting the starting city and the arrival city and will give you a flight plan that you can edit. Once done with the flight plan the next new user interface would allow you to use infinite flight coins to buy fuel for the flight and select how many passengers or/and cargo you want on the flight. After all this is selected infinite flight will give you a estimated arrival time based of these selections.

Once the flight has started it will be just like normal infinite flight. Once you arrive at the destination are off the runway and are at a parking stop the flight will be complete

You will get

  • Lots more exp then normal mode

  • Lots more coins then normal mode

  • 80% of unused fuel will be refunded

if you get back before estimated departure time you get more coins and exp but if you come late you get less.
it should be balanced that it is relatively hard to break even if you are late.

Coins can be spent on

  • Fuel for more flights

  • Special Edition livery’s

  • Many other possible ideas


Interesting concept, for sure.

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Please check sir before posting! This is what we call a danger duplicate and they tend to sneak up on us ;)
That handy dandy search button in your upper right hand corner works miracles.

my idea is quite different I think as you cant buy planes/regions


This is a flight simulator, not a game :)


It’s called infinite flight not insert a quarter flight. 🤔


@Matthew_Harrison I sincerely appreciate your ambition, and this is a really interesting idea. Given that this would be a significant game addition I do expect the the dev’s would agree with some others that this isn’t the best fit for IF. Please keep that ambition going, regardless.


interesting idea allthouh i dont think this fits infinite flight well

This is an amazing idea we could buy stuff in game with that

This idea is good accept the hard working devs won’t get paid people have families and need money I guess once I get a job once I’m old enough it will be easier to pay for though

Yes indeed. It would open up a whole new financial scenario for VA’s if they were paying for fuel or runway fees. All fictional of course.

And I understand where you are coming from

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If we can use the coins to buy 10 second displays of nudity I am all in.


Yes that would be a great idea @Flightfan84 it would make the game a lot more realistic even though it already practically is:)

why use coins when you can just go on incognito mode…

This would make IF a game, not a simulator.

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This is also very true.

@Flightfan84, you responded in the best way possible. Thanks for being kind:)

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No thanks necessary, happy to help out. Cheers!


This would make infinite flight into more of a game than a realistic simulator.

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