Vertical Takeoff

Hello community,

So, today I would like to pose another question to you all.
How do you, realistically, perform a vertical takeoff? Currently, I am using a 738, with flaps 1° (for better climb performance), and 97% N1. What pitch angle and airspeed is good for rotating and climbout. Also, how high would make sense to climb to initially? Hope all that makes sense. Also, I am at a weight of 41,000kg.

I would just keep VS under 3000, but most climb out between 2500-3000 and lower it as you get higher.


If you are looking for a Vertical Takeoff, go and hit 6,000 VS

if you want to do a normal takeoff, go and follow Tyler’s vid on that


Do you mean vertical takeoff like max winds or like fast climb?

Yes, a vertical takeoff, not a routine departure, like this

full power be like

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