Vertical takeoff

When I’m taking off at any aircraft my takeoff is very vertical… I have tried to play with the flaps, tried positive and negative trim and played with the power but nothing… What can I do?

Try using A/P’s vertical speed, set it to 2500 VS it does go above that but then it ajusts by itself, hope this helped.

KLM 206


Also change the category to support, thanks.

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It’s not #support as there’s no technical issue with the app.


I’m trying but it’s still looks vertical… When I’m taking off my tail is brushing the RWY

Oh right, my bad. I misunderstood.

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Maybe it’s to do with your calibration? Not sure…

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I’ll record my takeoff and send

- YouTube look at this video… Recorded it just now

Dou you use trim? That could be the problem…

No, am I need to???

That isn’t vertical… that’s normal

Really? Just search real takeoffs in YouTube and see how much its vertical

That’s at the maximum 10 degrees of pitch. Not vertical at 90. You’re about 1/9 of your way there and this is normal climb

Also don’t use auto pilot for takeoff, I know we’re all capable of hand flying it


But if I won’t it will go up and up until 9000vs

This is vertical:


Calibrate your device?

Try tilting your device back, set it at neutral position again and see how that turns out for you

If you keep pulling the stick more back it’ll increase the rate of climb

Did it before and always

OK… I’ll try and send here