Vertical speed v/s turning radius

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I had a question…irrespective of weight and livery, does a higher VS reduce or decrease the turning radius of an aircraft?

Not really. The faster the airspeed the greater the turning radius. Keep your speed low at low altitudes in order to make a tighter turn

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So the VS does not play a factor in the turning radius apart from the speed?

The only things to affect turn radius are TAS, angle of bank and wind.

If you assume still air the variables are AoB and TAS.

So the equation for radius of turn ® is:
TAS^2/(TAN AoB x G).
Use the same units ie. TAS in FPS and G in FPS^2.
For example: 250kts is 422FPS
G is 32FPSS
AoB 30 (TAN 0.557)

So 422^2 = 178084 and 0.557 x 32 = 17.82
178084/17.82 = 9993 feet.

So r 9993/6080 which is 1.64 nautical miles


Thank you. This clears it up for me.

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