Vertical Speed Overcompensation

Hey guys. Ever since the global update I’ve noticed the autopilot has become a lot “dumber” when it comes to vertical navigration, specifically vertical speed. Before global, I could set my descent rate of, say, -2500fpm and the plane would lower the nose and match it almost perfectly. Now, I’ll set -2500fpm right off the bat and it will descend to anywhere from -3500fpm to -4000fpm depending on the aircraft. Also, when I’m trying to hold an altitude at a low speed (mostly being vectored by ATC in busy airspace) it struggles to hold altitude, descending at like -300fpm to lose 15 feet and ending up in an endless descend/ascend cycle just to make up 15-20 feet. Does anyone know why this happens and if there are any plans to fix/change it soon?


I’ve noticed this happen a lot, especially with the CRJs. I know they’re sensitive, but it would be nice to see autopilot account for that.


Oh god even worse is how it fails at turning.


And don’t get me started on how horribly the speed autopilot works.

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245kts set = 265kts and violation lol


Just learn to compensate for it…

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Is this with all the aircrafts that you fly, or just certain?

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I have lol it’s just annoying, especially with the altitude hold thing and APPR in bad visibility


All of them. I adjust the speed slowly so it doesn’t happen but still


The same thing happens to me. I’ll set it to -2000 and it will go straight to like -2800, then settle to -2000 even when I’m below MLW. It happens no matter what plane I’m in.


I 100% agree. It is an unfortunate reality, the autopilot is flawed and there is a major problem. I have just delt with it but I may call ghostbusters to rid the demon that makes my plane go from 1800 vs to 5000 on every flight…

Hollywood worthy.


I have never experienced an “Overcopensation” that bad before. I usually only use 2000fpm right after I lift off, and by the time I reach 5,000ft I have the fpm only around 1500. No issues. Hopefully it never happens to me…

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Are you sure it doesn’t happen to you? Because I believe that it happens to everyone

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I haven’t had this problem, what speed are you usually at when descending. The higher speed may have more of a large reaction.

Tell me the sorcery that you use 👁👁 lol

I think it depends on when you active the auto pilot. I usually press the auto pilot button around 1000ft after lift off. I just make small adjustments only adding or subtracting 100fpm every 10 seconds or so, so the auto pilot doesn’t have to process large inputs (for instance +500fpm.)

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1000 is a good number to activate AP at.

I’m about to start a flight from lax to London on the 777-300ER. I’ll see if I notice anything…

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What trim are you using? (I assume most of your issues are mainly during takeoff and landing) I personally use positive 20-30 trim on takeoff and positive 20-50 trim on decent/landing. (I might be doing trim all wrong but it works for me :)

Btw no issues on the takeoff. Just about to pass through 20,000ft with a stable VS of 1300.