Vertical speed on TOD

Hi pilots!
Just as it can not exceed 250 kts Below FL100 … Is there a vertical speed limit on TOD? Or not?


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It all just depends on the plane your flying and engine power I think

No? Just don’t go above 250kts. And keep a reasonable VS. To avoid going above it.

I mean I’ve see people do a vs of 6000

In casual probably. I don’t play in that server. For many reasons. For expert Unless you’re in a fighter jet please don’t do 6000 VS.

I usually keep it below 2900

It is possible to sometimes get warnings for aerobatics near active airports if your vertical speed and attack angle is to great though. I have not tested it enough, and I’m sure it’s hard to hit in a commercial jet.

I’m in expert server I don’t go above 2900

Then you’re fine. A little steep. But it’s better then what i’ve seen so🙂👍

I think 90% bank angle is the limit for acrobatic violations, but I could be mistaken.

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Usual -vs on an a320 is around -2300/2400 but sometimes it may go up to -3500 depending on factors such as incoming traffic, time consumption and so on. I recommend using around 2400 and just doing a simple calculation to figure out when to start descending.


EZY123 is cruising at FL240 on route to EHAM. The STAR restricts EZY123 to a max altitude of FL120 at the waypoint ANOXX. The difference between FL240 (24000) and FL120 (12000) is 12000 feet. So, divide 12000 by 2400 = 5. So you will need to start descending 5 minutes before ANOXX and so on.

If you follow this method, all your flights will be at a realistic standard👍

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