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Hi guys…
It’s been a deal for me knowing how to set up my vertical speed depending on what speed am flying I know for sure that the rule of 3 helps a lot…
And I’ve been trying to do my approaches with this rule I don’t know if some of you know this rule but it’s very efficient but my question is how would I calculate my vertical speed in order to hit the runway at the right place because sometimes I am to hight in final or too low🤙 I I appreciate your help guy’s thanks

Try to follow the glideslope as best as you can when on approach to the specified runway.

Here you go this is a tutorial 👍🏻


Certainly on the glideslope you will want to be 180 KIAS or below.

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Tanks for that …
So wen í reach 3000 and I am stablish on the locolaizer or (final) what should be my vertical speed?

I usually just fly manual, but I would say don’t exceed 1000VS

When you’re on the glidescope, your vertical speed should be whatever keeps you on the glide path.


Depending on the ground effect that kicks in the glides scope.

The rule of thumb is your VS on a 3 degree glide slope should be half your ground speed. So 180kts would be 900fpm.


Depends on the speed, but for an indicated airspeed of 135-130kts I usually get a decent rate between 700-800fpm per minute during final approach.


Tank you all🤙

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