Vertical Speed Autopilot Problem - After Take Off


I want to share about my latest flight since update, its about Vertical Speed, Now why does VS change itself at autopilot, even though just before the update, just after take-off, it already touched 2500 VS, we clicked on the autopilot (VS), well it didn’t change, right, it adjusted it back to 2500 VS, which now suddenly can increase itself to 2700 VS (example) even though it was clicked on the VS autopilot when it touched the 2500 VS, has anyone experienced this too?

Device: Iphone XR
Operating system: IOS 17.0.3

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When did it switch from 2500 to 2700?
Right after enabling VS or after a while?

Sorry I’m a bit short.
Trying to do several things at once. ;)

after takeoff when manually touch at 2500 VS i clicked VS at autopilot, maybe after 5 sec the VS at autopilot move to 2700 VS

I see.

On which server were you flying?
Or was it on Solo?
Which aircraft were you flying?

Can you reproduce the issue yourself?

I’ll use this information to do some testing.

in expert server, after the update i just flight with a333 Garuda Indonesia :)

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You’re not using IF-A’s VNAV, are you?

No, im using VNAV when 100nm before descent

I have encountered this problem several times after the update. I’ve set the VS during initial climb to 1500-2200 VS and it will automatically adjust it to either a lower or higher rate

@Jan with and without IFA this happens.
Like @rulizalhafizh said, this occoured after the update. I flew a couple of flights with the E190 across Europe out of EHAM with my climb out VS set to 3000ft/min. I ended up at 3200ft/min every time. Not an issue of the Embraer but maybe for other types.

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I see.
I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue, but I’ll keep trying.

Does the VS change when you also tap ALT?
Or was ALT already activated?

No, it will stay the same. You have to adjust it yourself.
I activated VS first at 3000ft/min followed by ALT with a climb out speed of 170kts but kept me at 3200ft/min.

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