Vertical Speed Assignments?

Shouldn’t there be an option for ATC to assign a specific V/S? I’m not sure if that’s a real thing. So it’s more realistic? Sometimes I see people that took off before me then when I take off they are lower than me and way more farther.



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I see where you are coming from but at the end of the day, this game allows everyone to fly the way they would like to, as long as they aren’t impeding traffic or bothering others.

As long as pilots are meeting separation minima, all is good. That being said, as the aircraft behind, it is also the pilots job to maintain that separation as well, not just ATC.

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ATC can assign an aircraft to expedite altitude change so the pilot has to increase their vertical speed to reach their assigned altitude faster. There is no specific VS controllers can assign.

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From another perspective, some pilots can’t even follow altitude assignments in the first place, so…following V/S assignments would be…harder? Secondly, V/S assignments aren’t a common practice in the real world.

With the introduction of STARs and VNAV, ATC mandating STARs would basically mean everyone would be descending at the altitude on the same route. Close enough, I guess.


It is something done IRL at times, yes. Not an exact one but „or less“ or „or more“.

Another problem I see with this is that different aircraft have different climb rates, so this would just not work unless it was only an option at certain class airports on the ES.

I would also like to mention SIDs.

Most, not all STARs and SIDs have altitude assignments.
If you’re on a SID, do your best to follow the altitude restrictions and manage your throttle and V/S accordingly, it makes your climb more realistic.

It sounds a good idea

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