Version 20.1 crashing

I have an I pad air 2 and my game keeps crashing as I get in to IF. If this is a known issue then can someone redirect me to it.

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This is currently a known issue with the servers being overloaded - the devs are working quickly to resolve it.

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See the topic below:

It’s highly likely that this is the cause of your problems. Hang tight and see if things get better

It is not crashing until I push a button. Like my profile.

It is stable and let’s me into the app. Until I push a button then it crashes.

Can you provide more information about when the crash occurs please?

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When I go into my profile and click on the information button

Ah, that would be accessing the server and there are few issues at the moment so I’ll close this, but feel free to make a new post once the servers are back up and the issue still occurs.