Version 19.1 Is Here!


♥️ This is obviously a very appreciated update by the developers. Thank you so much! ♥️


Not coming this update.


No it is Dan


Wait it is?


I’m staying up for a few more hours, if not I’ll go to bed. I want to get this update for iOS!😁😉

Love the A330!

I’m envious of Android users who got it already


Yes it is.


Er, scroll up I suggest? XD


Let’s keep that as a PM…
We are trying to find something to attract pilots, but we wanted to wait and see it the A330 of Aer Lingus will come but it hasn’t.


I thought so. They made it seem like it was with the teasers


Refreshing Refreshing Refreshing (app store)


Only this view works…

Every other view is currently broken


Hmmm. Weird, probably gonna get fixed in a bit.


Its out to IOS Eastern Standard


It’s downloading! Thanks Infinite Flight!!


Oh. My. God. Thanks so much IF!


GOT UPDATE!!! Says that there are new B77W liveries in app store description


Update is out for all iOS devices. Enjoy apple users


In middle of downloading! Cant wait to see


Can I just get this off the bat please…

We don’t need all of you to comment

“I HavENt gOt thE uPDatE yet!”

The updates are staged and will release out to devices at different speeds. From what I’m aware with Android, typically Pixel phones will be updated first.

Secondly, liveries.

I completely understand that many of you are going to be upset that your favourite livery doesn’t feature in this update. But also please be respectful of the teams efforts: this wasn’t even planned to be added to the update, so be grateful for what you have got.

Finally, the obligatory “refreshing app page WHerE iS tHe uPdaTE”?
Thanks for letting us know. Hang tight, it’ll be with you soon 😄


Try restarting the app.