Version 19.1 Is Here!


Yay! Thanks Laura and the whole team for hard work and keep it up!


So right now a whole chunk of the community is on this thread, and all the other users that don’t follow #announcements are just like ‘why isn’t anyone replying?’


Does anyone already have it?


come on apple you’ve got this


Also I little sad that we don’t get virgin Australia or qantas but then again at least we got new physics for the a330 super hype


When you realize you don’t have pro anymore…


Not much point. The most votes you’re gonna get are about 16 or something like that. Wish there was a more direct way of getting through to them.


I can’t wait for it to hit the East Coast of America!!!




Looking great! Hope I can update before I need to sleep 🤷🏼‍♂️


I also wish the added American Airlines to the livery list


Best spring break ever!


Where is that?


What even is that?


Just got the update on Android!


I spawned in at VHHH with a Singapore A330, then that happened.


hello new update!

I’m doing KSEA - ZBAA so I’ll have to wait even more :(


What about the TAM 77W livery? Are they taking that back?


What an Awesome update! The wait is gone now and your work is brilliant. Although, I don’t see any Aer Lingus livery for the A330. Sadly it will not roll out in Saint Patrick’s day. Well, we’ll have to wait until the next update after a few months or so… 👍☘️🇮🇪


I have the update already its so fun