Version 19.1 Is Here!


Yeah, there was an issue with the replay browser stuck on loading when not signed into any account :)


about deleting infinite flight and then reinstalling it I’m worried im going to lose my account and my progress also having to pay for another subscription. So its fine if I totally delete the app and then reinstall it.


Yes, you will be completely fine. Deleting and re-installing the application will make you log in again, but you will still have your account and your Pro Subscription if you have one.




How much storage do replay files use? If I have a whole bunch of replay files will that take up a lot of storage and cause IF to run slowly or crash?


It depends on how long the flight is, but it’s usually less than 50 MB.


I did a 13hours flight and it has 86,86MB so not a big deal


I´m sorry, perhaps you can help me. I have a eight years old son who loves infinite flight, we live at Canary islands and he has the dream to pilot a binter canarias atr72 airplane at inifinite flight. Where can i apply for includind this plane in the game?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for this wondefull aplicattion.


We have a features Category for this stuff. Although, it’s limited to TL2+

But, you can vote for it here:

Enjoy! :)


Been noticing it depends on the scenery around the area or along your route. More mountains means the replay will be more “heavy”

Did LIRF-EGLL and the replay is 164MB. There is a lot of mountains along the way so that might be the reason.


The scenery makes no difference to your replay, it is just what your plane and others did. If you have more planes flown by other people in the replay it will be larger, as it records what they did as well.


Well that makes a lot more sense! I will imagine the replay of one of my flights during a FNF will be really “heavy”


The fast forward buttons and slow motion buttons need to be added back ASAP!




Pilots tip👇🏼:
Also meaning when crossing a runway. Strobes should not be on during taxiing.
This is unrealistic👇🏼.

Take a look at the correct way to use your lights👇🏼

Just trying to keep the realism on the expert! ✌🏼Happy skies!

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