Version 19.1 Is Here!


If updating now


Hi IF!

I play IF on Samsung a 10.5 w.

Before the Update i have found a pretty good graphic setting to make the Planes look sharp and the craft could be flyed smooth.

Quality of airplane textures was on high

The rest low

Now i cant get the same graphics with smooth playing.

Can you help?


What livery and plane were you flying?


Air Baltic DH8D


Ah right. I had someone spawn on top of me there a few times so I was just wondering if it was you. Guess not.


No, but I did see someone spawn on top of you a few times.


The person I was spawning in was Cpt LeFur


New update is great, thanks for all your hard work.


Sorry to here you are having troubles. I’d suggest talking to either @Starley or @Kirito_77 as they are really cool Android guys. 👍


Love the new update! Keep up the good work!


I’ve also noticed a reduction in frame rates on highest graphics settings. I have an iPhone XS Max which is surely one of the highest spec phones available.


Sorry if this has been said somewhere - I’ve been unplugged from IF for a while - does 19.1 include a scenery update for South America?



It doesn’t, as Infinte Flight is having issues with the satellite data.


the screenshot feature is dope, good job IF ✌️


Wow I think it’s already been reported but with graphics at highest setting I’m getting very poor resolution especially at airports and I’m on a 2018 iPad.


Check if your anti-aliasing is on. Had the same issue


I’m like really excited. The only thing is that whenever landing the wheels do not spin, they are stationary. Just wanted to point that out, but otherwise. THIS IS AWESOME.


They know about this and said it will come at a later date


Why does that matter? Pictures can’t capture movement anyways. 😂


Hot fix pushed? App just updated again for me…