Version 19.1 Is Here!


It’s got the 757 also. Let’s keep this thread about 19.1!


Thank you and the whole community for this game. I enjoy it every time.


Is the rendering hotfix the one that fixes planes disappearing too close? I really wanna see planes from super far


KLM touched down at Genève while a Swissair taxiing to the runway. The review is amazing!


I don’t even know but you got a point


Please add back the instant replay in solo mode. I like seeing my takeoff immediately after. Having to wait until my flight is done is a little rediculous. I don’t understand why it was taken away in the first place!


Yah they need to add it back. It takes away from the experience to not be able to replay when in solo. Makes no sense.


Can you tell us if its going to be this year?


They never give release dates, because so many things can happen during the development process.

I’m sure you would like a high quality aircraft, just like the newer additions to the Infinite Flight fleet.


In the next new update can you install move able in-flight Instrument in A330


If you mean by live cockpit it is on the A-10 already.


It would be good in A330


Just give the developers some time, they had already done a lot of hard work.


They should get credit for that they have done a lot hard work. Thank You for That


I wonder what’s going to be released in the next update which hopefully is 19.2. I still remember seeing something about 3 aircraft are in the making for IF


Is there an option to speed up the replay, and if so, where?


There is no option to speed up the reply like there was previously in solo.

There is however a timeline down the bottom which you can use to scroll to certain parts of the replay.


This has been such a great update, cant wait to see what’s next, keep it up FDS!


Is it just me or is the new replay missing something? I like the idea but it worsened in quality when it comes to landing replays. Tires don’t turn and suspensions are not animated, basically rendering the landing replay experience useless. Please fix!


I found that if you click on the “X” times parameter several times you can still go backward or forward and then freeze frame or stop action your flight at any point in its current phase without changing the primary time line.