Version 19.1 Is Here!


Can you send ur replay to people? And view em in your replay? Like for example my friends replayhe sends it t me and I can view it in my replays?


Hi Hector!

Below is a topic that one of our community moderators created that I believe answers your question. Feel free to ask more questions either here or on the topic below if you still need help.



Yes, you can share your replay with others and others can share their replays with you. Its quite magical to see the perspective of other pilots/controllers.


😱😱😱😱ooo no way View it in my Replay menu IN MY PHONE? In IF?


You can send each others replay via Email, using the file you saved from either iCloud or Google Drive.


This is actually new. Prior update, when you replay, all you’ll see is 0 V/S throughout, while in this update, you’ll see actual V/S on every point.


So i can’t fiddle with timeline and go to certain time I wanna go?


Yes you can. But it has to be inside of Infinite Flight.


Not for me… I’ve always seen V/S in replay


Can any other Android user tell me if the 19.01.2 hotfix will allow successful transport in both directions and permit the playback of a replay file in its entirety.


If you are having an issue with replay, please start a thread in #support

The hotfix is focused around the graphics options.


Replay is so cool!

Using Dropbox I was able to replay a flight made on my iPad on my Android tablet.
I also replayed a flight made on my Android tablet on my iPad.

It takes some time to load, but it’s great! I love it!


Woah that picture looks so familiar because I was doing a flight with an f-16 the other day also under a Air Asia X lol


I notice that in solo mode they have taken away the in-flight replay and moved it with the rest of the replays


Just wait till we get wingflex on that bad boy.


Just found That some airports aircraft size restriction is not correct.


Post stuff related to that here


Guys I have a theory so on atc is scheduled to be in the Warsaw area on Thursday and the featured airline is Finnair and it is on Thursday and we had the update this last Thursday I wonder if maybe the a350 is coming out with the fin air livery or maybe another aircraft we shall wait and see.


Who knows but very very very unlikely…


True but there is only one aircraft with the Finnair livery I am pretty sure and it is the a321