Version 19.1 Is Here!


The A330 is now my favourite aircraft to fly.


I don’t have the IF folder. I have an iPhone. Do I need to set something up?


Do you see your photos on your camera roll at all though?


No I think it’s because I didn’t allow access which I have now done. Thanks


No worries. Glad you solved the issue.


Wait guys did we really even get a nighttime feature addon to this update if we did please let me know because I can’t seem to find one


No, it was not added in this update. It is something that is in the works for a future update, but when that is, we don’t know.


What an update! I love it! Thanks for the great work


Hi,really I’m very happy for your hard work to giving us latest updated one I’ve updated but facing issue rendering on my device samsung j3 pro after download new version how can I overcome this problem.


Delete & re install IF


Just realized you can now see your V/S in Live Replay mode!


That’s really cool!


Lufthansa A330 Departure from TPA


Great but I miss classic solo replay



Hey folks, you’ve all got some nice pictures, but just remember that we have the #screenshots-and-videos category for this exact purpose. :)


Why are gate restrictions also on casual server? Casual is casual, there are no limits there, pilots can do everything there. So why we cant spawn in a B737 in Lukla on casual server? The gate restrictions are a great thing on training and expert server, but they should not be on casual.


I really do agree with you. We need a server ‘different’ from the rest.


I never said but it could be possible.


What are legacy aircraft I saw this option and I didn’t know what it was