Version 19.1 Is Here!


It seems when I look at where all the aircraft are at, I start glitching out and can’t see what is in front of me.


Delete and re-install IF


Can I access replays offline?


No. Replays files only store your details but do not store the actual scenery. You will need an internet connection to replay a replay file unless you record it with a third party screen recorder.

Otherwise, the file would be huge with all the scenery.


Loving the Update!


Yhh this also happened to me so I just closed the app


Press on the screen for three seconds and they will disappear. Do the same to get it back.

The screenshot will auto hide everything for you.


I would try it out on my next flight. Thanks


Sadly, Laura only could get in so much for it to be released this time. But I am glad to hear your current satisfaction :)

Perhaps creating a topic or voting on #features for the liveries? Would be amazing to see those liveries fly!


Love the TAM 77W livery, can’t wait for the imagery update😁


Thank you to the entire team and congratulations, your hard work has finally paid off! Amazing update, always amazed at what this team is able to create. Side note; to anyone that forgot, don’t forget to give them a 5 star review in your app store.

Apple, Google Play Store


Did you guys remove solo replay?


It’s merged into replays on the home menu. That’s where solo and live flights go to be replayed


thank you so very much for fixing this:

I sincerely appreciate it!


I have a little issue.
I mean a BIG ONE.

It’s doing this thing where the entire screen flickers!


This needs to be posted in the support section 😉


A fresh re-install of the app completely should fix this issue. Please try that and let us know if you need any further help.


Where are the HD screenshots held? I can’t find it.


They should be sent straight to a designated ‘Infinite Flight’ folder on your devices camera roll.


Gotta say the new A330 is an amazing aircraft to fly. Just did my first long haul with it and feels so great, especially during landing. Also the wingflex is amazing
Well done team.