Version 19.1 Is Here!


Go into graphic settings and switch off “Limit Frame Rate” if you haven’t already ;)


Yes you can share your replays


Why did you fly to Hong Kong with Delta’s 737 Delta is an Airline based out of the USA there main hub is KATL it Atlanta, Georgia @DL_FILM


The A330 always felt like the perfect and now we can finally fly a well-tuned A330. The aircraft is fantastic to fly and feels great. Gonna be doing a lot of SAS A330/A340 flights with it now.


Sadly we don’t have the livery for SAS for the a340 but you can know enjoy the wingflex with it I will be doing LSZH-KMIA Swiss I have been wanting to do this flight for a while


Loving this update so much! It’s amazing and the team at Infinite a Flight never fail to impress.


I meant flying the SAS A330/A340 routes with the SAS A330 in IF. I just finished ESSA-KLAX and I will definitely doing a Swiss flight as well.


This is the best of the update!

This is the first time I can see the taxiway in night time on my device!
Replay is extraordinary, but this is magic!



Really appreciate all the work.

Bit disappointed we only got one new airline livery when there are airlines with no liveries in IF, such as Edelweiss, Hainan, Shenzhen, Air Transat, XL etc that could have been introduced in this update.

Still, nice to have more variety of the extensive range of SQ, TG etc.


I don’t know whether it’s just me but I can’t see other aircraft
All I see is dots


Wonder if their is a hot fix in the works still


The hot fix has been pushed out for a while. Please check your app store for the latest version.


This should solve your questions. (Basically, if you reinstalled to get the hot fix, all your settings reset to factory so you need to change stuff so it downloads the liveries). How to download all aircraft


Ok just got it


Y are u guess doin westjet like that mane come on we for the US every airline is on here but Canada only air Canada has a big fleet come on westjet has 767s and 787 9 also and AirTranst has a lot off airline please make happen loving the sim thou all I play everyday


Everyone will get their chance. I’m sure you see them soon :)


Does anyone know if the A333 had the Lufthansa livery before the update or did they just add it ?


The Lufthansa livery was in the sim before 19.1 :)


K thank you