Version 19.1 Is Here!


Its works really amazing)) i like it so much ! check this video how works replay system in global )


One of my favorite features is that when you spawn your gate location is shown in your ATC log. No more fumbling around to see where you are at when flying with friends.

Sometimes the little development things make big impacts.


I like the new animations and controls. Like the one for centering the map, now it zooms you out and brings it back in. And the free cam is a lot more smooth. Things like this are my bread and butter.


its there :)


Guys what if I can’t see other aircraft? Like my thing is not downloading other aircraft


Do I have to select an aircraft, load and keep doing it for the others


Like before you can only see their aircraft if they are within a certain distance. Use the free cam and look around first and it should download them.


Ohh I’ll try that now thanks!


Same here.


You may need to lower your screenshot settings. Not all devices can handle a 4x screenshot.


No that’s always been there


Beyond disappointed to see no Aer lingus :/


Take a look at what Jarno said above. There was a reason for that. :)


Ahhh that’s why!
Thanks a lot,


Fantastic work thank you so much!


OK!!! Im officially in love with this sim. Was In love already, but just making it official now! :D


I understand and appreciate all the hard work that was put on the update. Good job Laura and IF team.
See you in the skies of IF


Thanks for this update ! New features are gorgeous !
I just have a question. Could we download other’s replays to let other People to see your flight?

Here is the Swiss A330 landing over Geneva few seconds before touchdown


I think you can send the replay file via email to someone you want. :)


When I updated it became slow :/