Version 19.1 Is Here!


That was some Bugs with Replay because the plane just glided over grass in replay but i don’t taxing in grass and the front weel dosn’t moving to the side in replay.


WOW A330 on takeoff roll


I used to remember WOW Air A330 departing Scandinavian and U.S. regions. I thought it still operates but I was wrong, sadly. Just to say that i am so happy for this livery to be implemented into Infinite Flight…


I’m currently not at home so I’m not able to fly. When I do get back I’ll be VERY EXITED TO USE it!


Pictures from Replay in Hong Kong:⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


They thing is the new A330 doesn’t have much power. The engines can only go to 101%


Yes just got hotfix 1 on app store


Thank you for all your hard work. The update is amazing!!

I noticed you can also share your flight. When I first sent one of mine to a member of the Group I’m in, it displayed an very long list of code only.

For anyone else who experiences this, you need to save the file to your IFS app, you can then see it on the app and view it.


What! I’m coming back to IF


Hop back on!


I just wanna say this is an outstanding update, you guys are unbeatable with your updates. The wingflex on the a333 makes flying it a lot more realistic. Furthermore, the reply system is outstanding and has a modern feel to it. It’s easy to use and it’s a blast watching yourself takeoff when ATC clears you to and land by airplanes holding short. I’d say this is one of the best post-global updates. Very pleased and joyful this update was able to be released!


You really shouldn’t be using more than 100% or even 95% in normal flight so it shouldn’t be an issue.


I’ve recentrly tried using the replay system, one thing I’d like to ask is that when I have interface timeout, no bars or replays buttons go away.



Have a look at the tutorials regarding the replay functionality.


Thank You! It worked now :)


I use 100% N1 for takeoffs on everything from the 777 to the 737.


Lets stay on topic please. If you would like to discuss flight specifics it is better in a PM.


I’m just pointing out the lack of power in the A330


The old 330 was over-powered and with the improved flight physics it is more realistic now. If you are having a problem please log it in the #support category.


this is a perfect update and I will be flying an a330 all day! fnf. see if you can find me on live flight.