Version 19.1 Is Here!


I also want to know the new 777w . Someone please can let me know ?


Nice update but the A330 could of been reworked better.


Damn - that wingflex

Too bad im at school :(


This is interesting…

Courtesy of

not surprising tho…



This is great!

The compass ring turning magenta when accidentally touched with two fingers has been fixed as well. 🎉

Still exploring the rest of the update.

Love the new gate features preventing spawning at an occupied gate and preventing large aircraft at too small gates.

Great job! 👍


Once again IFLLC…



Yes absolutely stunning work.


I’ll be flying VHHH-RJGG in the new Cathay Pacific 777-300ER,anyone want to join me? I’ll post it as a timelapse this weekend.


Great job, IFLLC! Everybody is complimenting the A330, so I will compliment the live replay. The community will be able to get so many good photos. As well, you can look over your replays to see what you could have done better to improve your flights. Once again, Fantastic job with 19.1!


I would, but I’m on TS until next Tuesday :(

Plus I’m already doing a ULH, AMS - HKG. Hope you enjoy it!


Yay!!! It’s here


@SimpleWaffles @AviationGaming
Just make sure to post it in the Misha’s Friday Night Flight Event. It would make the topic much clearer in relation to the 19.1 update. Thanks.


Does anyone know what the new ATC commands are?



A 13MB sized hotfix appeared for Infinite Flight in the play store!


We will refine this over time.


Yes it will :)


It was snuck in at the end of the cycle, no time to make it better this time around. We’ll rework it at some point don’t worry :)


Thanks, we can’t wait to see what the community will come up with :)


They we’re not. There were no changes to the physical model. That may come in another release.