Version 19.1 Is Here!


But How do you know aboute the gate you park on after a flight is to this aircraft?


Also just asking, but 3D fan blades were not added to the A330, were they? I was hoping they might have been thrown as a little bonus, but it appears that there is only the blank disc. (I’m absolutely not complaining about this update in general, just curious :)


I deleted the app shall i sell again


Yesterday the update rolled out to my Play Store. Unfortunately I was in flight so first I had to finish it before I could update Infinite Flight. After the update I took an A330 to do some touch-and-goes and I was really sad to see it glitching around. But within 10 minutes I could update the app for a second time and now it’s running perfectly 👌👌👌 A big thank you to the whole team of Infinite Flight and keep up the good work👏👏👏


What happened to the graphics settings?


Perhaps you could alter the amount of leeway each aircraft gets. Currently it seems you can spawn in a spot one class below your current aircraft. You could change it per plane, keeping it as 1 for the 747 for example but making 2 for aircraft like the C130, alloying it to spawn at Class B gates


there is no live replay mode when in solo mode. what’s going on with that?


Thank you infinite flight team ✌


Can’t wait to see how bad my landings really are with replay :D


You guys have done an insanely amazing job! I was so annoyed when the update came out when it was 2 minutes until I had to leave for work, now it’s amazing!

Currently enroute to VHHH from Bangkok, and loving it!


What is the highest rendering quality?


Thank you, but we missed Saudia


Maybe you should post this is Misha’s Friday Night Flight Event.


It’s part of my one comment talking about my first flight on the updated A330, so it’s fine here! :)


Garuda and Thai liveries on the A330 - yes! Thanks for all the work on this update to all involved.

Good times.


If I do a 13hr flight will the game record everything?


Yes! Everything from spawning in to when you finish and end your flight! ATC commands and everything!


Wow that’s something haha!


Unfortunatly without a Iberia 330 300 but my congrats to Infinite flight team for this update.


Unfortunately the gate size restrictions can’t stop the general aviation aircraft from spawning in commercial gates.