Version 19.1 Is Here!


Would be nice if they reworked the Qantas 787 to the actual real life livery as they did the Cathay.


Everyone who wants something fixed or added make a request. We have a great update here, lets be thankful for it.


As an older programmer just for my own purposes from the days of BASIC and MS-DOS but who never advanced to C+ or it’s later versions beyond experimenting with my own modules for my own benefit… or whatever language you all use now …l would still think that as far @David_Driggers conundrum is that there would be something similar to an If then sequence that could be made aircraft specific to allow certain planes like the C-130 and possibly other mil or other aircraft that in irl use to feasibly handle flight operations from smaller aerodromes or airfields …yet still not allow the bigger aircraft since the subroutine would define the specific aircraft and not just apply an overall generalization…just my two cents for the next update if possible to implement.


Will “legacy airplanes” eventually be phased out?


Bravo Infinite Flight! Never failing to impress me as always. Keep up the good work!


Where do i find the replay button?


Over loggbok.


Could you pass this onto Laura


I have Spawned in an aircraft and this happend:


Help @Laura its onlangs om rpthe 330


For both of you reinstall Infinite flight and that should fix it


The same thing happend ro me, reinstall the app and logg in.
I have now Fixes my Settings and all the HUD.


The engine:


The app only takes: 440,7 MB. So good, before the app takes: 7,9 GB.


Great job these soft reworks are amazing


Amazing, great job
But there isn’t AF or KLM liveries


Jason, Laura,

I express my deepest congrats and respect to you guys. You are the best. I love you. Thank you so much for this update. It has made my day. Enjoy flying all.

Thank you.

Jack xxxxxxxx


I love this update so much but there is so many other liveries which would have been cool to be in the Update
Liveries:Turkish,Qatar,Iberia,American,Air France,KLM and much more😉
I still love the new liveries and still haven’t flown them so I’m super exited to fly for the first time


Is there Wingflex on update


Yes, so good.