Version 19.1 Is Here!


From where you guys have come to now! Best. Sim. Ever.! Thanks guys!


For sure! I’ve been here since the start on iOS and I’ve seen every update IF has brought and every update has made the sim better and better! The future is sure to hold something amazing!


I love it! Great work!


So I can no longer fly missions from smaller airports in a C130… this is extremely disappointing and takes away a lot from the sim for me. Is there going to be any update for this? Or are we just going to be permanately banned from operating? I asked this question before the update, never got an answer. I fly C130s in real life, we land at tiny airports on dirt strips and park. Have you ever seen a C17 land at a tiny GA airport?! This happens! And it’s a lot of fun and challenge to operate on these smalls fields, but you just took this away…


So my Infinite flight app hasn’t updated to 19.1 and everyone is telling me to redownload the app. I won’t loose my account right?


I’m not one to normally complain, I’m in love with the Sim!!! Have been for years!!! IN LOVE I SAY!! But this is just really disappointing for me as an avid military flyer.


That’s one side effect we hadn’t considered. The intentions are good though, having 747’s on small GA parking spots isn’t really realistic.

I’d love your input on how we could prevent the obvious situation above without preventing C130’s to go to smaller airports.


It’ll stay there, you just have to log back in.


Oh thanks!


Have to say I’m mighty impressed with everything that going on! Keep it up guys!!


Thank you so much infinite flight staff us users really appreciate it keep up your good work


what is the show legacy airlines button for?


Aircraft that are a lot older in IF are legacy. If you don’t show the legacy, you won’t see it in your aircraft to choose from


Ohhhh yeah!!! 👍


No EVA A330-300 and A330-200 :(.


The A330-200 isn’t even in the sim yet


Amazing 😍😍


Exactly, what I am saying is that they should add EVA A330-300 and A330-200 liveries, and also the A330-200.


I completely forgot about the 777 liveries and the new Cathay Pacific livery has been added! Thanks so much IF!!


I want to thank once again all the staff of the IF for this beautiful work they did, I mean all the updating we stayed in the expectation and they never disappointed, but in this update it exceeded the expectation, I can not express my happiness by the words, thank you guys for your work, and for the guys from IFC prepare your best editing because it comes pictures and videos like never seen before lol