Version 19.1 Is Here!


As always, thanks to the team for a great update! Quick question regarding aircraft downloads. Once you encounter a plane does that plane stay downloaded permanently, or it is removed after a while (similar to the scenery cache)?


It will stay downloaded until you uninstall the app or there is a plane/livery update from the server.


I play in the PC.
I want test certainly


Alright - makes sense! Thanks - also, any chance of a list of liveries that were fixed/updated? I’m just curious so I can be on the lookout for and enjoy the small additions the team made :)


Really enjoying these new ATC Commands! They’re really help and are fun :)

(I’m open at ZWWW on the ES come join ;) )


Make sure to give a positive and much deserved 5 stars in the App Store! In my opinion may be the second best update since global. The A330 flies like a dream, and the replay mode is so unreal , many improvements have been implemented and also noticed the terrain looks a lot better as well. Thank You to All for making this simulator out of this world ! Cheers!


there’re no Air China livery .sucks!


We can’t have it all now can we?


So is everyone seeing this issue or is it just a select few?


Thank you it worked


I’d say the majority are experiencing the A330 issue. Good thing though, you just need to reinstall.


Roger, unfortunately my iPad is dead so I’ll do it in the morning, thank ya!


Thank you it worked


I leave for an hour and 19.1 is released! Thank you so much IF, looks like a 5 star rating is coming to the App Store soon!


This update in my opinion is really good not only feature wise, but it also saved me a lot of storage!


Thanks for the kind words :)


Thank you! :)


How many time ppl mention about glitch?!? I downloaded on my iPhone 6 it work like charm. Do clean Install like they say 100s of time. Really nice update, good job! Who worked on this update and thanks (Can’t wait to turn on my ipad2018 when i get home;)


you have to thank @philippe for that one ;)


You guys are fantastic! Given me value for every cent and hour spent on the SIM!
Thank you