Version 19.1 Is Here!


Thats global at its best!


The number of aircraft in your replay is still limited like you were live.


This update just let me have the greasiest landing I’ve ever had in the A330, then rewatch it.

In my opinion, 19.1 is the second best update after global. Replay mode for ATC and Pilots?! A330 semisoft rework that wasn’t even planned?! 4x screen res. screenshots?!

To everyone at Infinite Flight - thank you for what you do. 🙌


If MrMrMoist (Their inside joke - no idea what it means but I’m just going with it) is happy, then we’re all happy!



Disappointed that the Qantas A333 wasn’t added, but what can you do. Still a decent update!


What are new Atc commands?


Be advised this may (Not too too sure but I think) is for IFATC only:


-Tower is no longer accepting pattern work. Please land or divert.

Tower & Radar:

-You’re aligned with the wrong runway. Please check runway assignment.


-Please follow instructions.

-Conflict Alert. Check your surroundings immediately.


How fast do the cams go? Have they gone slower? Because I can’t go as fast anymore with the free cam for making movies and videos :(( @Chris_S


Where is the Anti-Aliasing option?


The camera movements have been slowed down in replay to allow for better positioning.


You can actually.

There is a new method to zoom in.

Hold down on the right side of your screen, and then tilt your device back and forth to zoom in and out.

And, when you say slower, the freecams have became incredibly smoother, which is nice for movie makers!


Anti-Aliasing has been combined into the rendering and graphics quality settings based on your device.

Also make sure you adjust the settings before flight as there is an additional option for texture quality that can only be set before flight.


It is smoother but it’s less precise in my opinion, needs some getting used to but overall I can still use it to see what’s going on around the airport and plan my route.


Yep, definitely getting some used too. When I first starting using it, I was like, “Woahhh, this is a bit different.” We’ll get used to it over time naturally.


Thank you very much to all the team of developers for their hard work. I trust that in the future we will see incredible developments in this aircraft and in others and why not liverias like avianca and air france…


Well and now when the 19.2 update comes out, hahahaha is a joke.

This is a great but great update, I thank the developers a lot because they do all this possible and transmit aviation to our palm. I also thank you very much for the work you do as it is very difficult and tiring. If this was the first update of 2019, now just think what this year will bring. A big applause and my greetings from Costa Rica to the developers.

Very well done and great update, I love it.


Thank you all for the new update! The only thing I don’t like is the physics of the new free cam. It feels a bit too slow and I liked the old one better


Hey @Chris_S I may have identified a bit of a bug in the replay mode. What is the best place or who is the best person to share this with?


Does that mean it will consume more battery?


Please log it in #support