Version 19.1 Is Here!

Thank you to everyone from the Infinite Flight team, this looks stunning 😍

Cheers to 2019!!

Did it come out on the play store

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No actual way! I can’t thank you guys enough!!!

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Release time for Texas?

It’s here! You devs are truly amazing. Thanks for the continued hard work on this amazing app.

You guys are the absolute best!!! Can’t wait to try the new update! Thank you for taking the time to make things right.

Great job! I’m really excited to start using the multiplayer replay system. Thanks for all the hard work and testing! Can’t wait to start taking screenshots with the replay 👀


There’s no set release time. Just wait till your app store pushes it out.

Huh . I want to test 330 now!


LIVE REPLAYS! Yes! Now I can finally look back at my Live landings to see where I can improve.

edit: The A330 too? Holy cow!

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Also you got so much stuff in this, thank you so much

It’s here? Where 👏🏻🧐

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Thank you guys! For this and the A330 rework!
What a coincidence that i’m flying right now . . .

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Yay. Cant wait!

YESSSSSSSS. Now lemme just see if I can remove my ghost…

Praying 🙏 to apple now, release relese😩😩😩

Well, Jason you have redeemed yourself with this news my friend!


Thank You for all of your hard work! Worth every penny and as always I give my App Store 5 stars reviews!


A330 finally

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Congratulations IFLLC!