Version 19.1 Is Here!


Try deleting then reinstalling the app. Worked for me.


Wow!! This is looks like very cool and edgy! I always waiting this update on Android


Thanks guys!


Loving this:-D


Depending on your device you may need to lower the screenshot quality setting in your settings.


Sounds good thank you sir.


Where is the screenshot button?


What is the Legacy airplane option do in the airplane menu?


the a330 can fly 18hrs now😂


On the replay screen.

Please see


Ah okay thanks.


Shows and hides older aircraft in Infinite Flight’s fleet.


I just noticed that, thanks!


Just asking…new update not out for IOS yet right?


Amazing job guys! I am flying it as I speak! It looks so beautiful in the air. Can’t wait to try out the replay system afterwards :)


It definitely is! :)


Hmmm didn’t show up as an update for iPad Pro 12.9 inch yet but showed up for my andriods


I really love the new update but my scenery keeps.making a weird effect like glitches plss help


I must say I’m pleased with the effort gone into this update, especially the “Live Replay” and “Gate Restrictions”. Very nice, very cool. However I’m not very fond of the A330, although a nice effort, it’s still not my cup of tea. I’ll just stick to my Jetstar A320 and B788. But overall, a nice update. Thanks guys. 👍🏼


How do you do live replay?