Version 19.1 Is Here!


Wow! Just woke up and see this! I can’t wait to try the new update :D

Thank you developers! I just love the new SIA and Garuda liveries <3


Great work guys! I guess I should plug in my iPad now…


That’s cool please cirrus vision sf50 ASAP please this flight simulator is great


Its bad to hear but i hope they will add.


Please vote for it in #features 😊
I have linked it here:


No american a330 :(


I’m sad about that too, they do operate so many


I guess we must wait longer or american didn’t approve them adding it whatever the case i’m sad. I was looking forward to using an a330 not lufthansa out of charlotte


Taking a screenshot crashed my game in replay mode.


Holy **** that’s sick


I’m hoping that the A350 will be added in 19.2.


Does anyone know how to get out of the full screen mode on replay? Just did that and sorta struggled to find all the controls again…


Only had a 10 minute or so departure with the A330 so far, but the thing seems… splendid! Shame about the lack of Virgin Atlantic livery of course, but never mind - plenty of cool new toys to play with in the meantime! Thank you guys!


I assume you want a rushed version with limited everything?


Hello. Try pressing and holding on the screen for 3 seconds. Just like going into Fullscreen mode :)


This is a great update. I did a few landings on solo. First off thank you so much for gate restrictions. Second off the ground effect and physics for the A330 is an absolute dream.


Thank you for the new update guys :) I’m having fun right now with one of the A330s :)


Got nailed with a taxi violation because the graphics started glitching during taxi. Grrr!


Why my screen after Update is Bugging. I try to Reinstalled it and after that it Looks like 8bit ( Runway, Appron, Aircraft, etc )


Did you check your graphics settings after reinstalling?