Version 19.1 Is Here!


I’ve never been as happy as I am with this update, thanks to all IF staff for this beautiful job


I am so happy! Last night I tried to fly KLAX-ZGGG and ran out of fuel in Delta A333


The update is live on android


One world is not new no but that is :)


Guys there is a mini event at Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka


Same :D I tried to do an overnighter with SWISS to singapore but I ran out of fuel.


Training or expert?


Expert I believe


what the heck so my live ended and after the update its almost like the app forgot all of the planes that I had bought which was almost all of them and now I can’t use any of them why did this happen?


Don’t know if this is new, but seems like IF now records location

One of 19.1's most underrated features

I just cant believe the A330 has wingflex it looks so good on it :D


I’m sure! :D Further elaborate and create a new topic, if there isn’t one, at #live:events ;)


Hey my 12 hour flight just froze… Is this because I don’t have the update?


Thanks for the new warning system! I had speed up to check it out

Release Notes: New Violations & Ghost Warnings (v19.1)

This is Exciting Stuff.


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No that should have no impact.


Can you remove the radar screen/atc log in replay mode it’s really annoying I can’t track planes and use free cams


As Laura mentioned on the stream, they had limited time and could only fit so much in.


Okay, my game just crashed I think my phone automatically updated it while I was flying