Version 19.1 Is Here!


Ok thanks. Doesn’t seem much of a change from previous.


Many of our aircraft carriers are retired in real life. This doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate their legacy and relive the routes! If we removed aircraft and liveries as they went away in real life you’d remove 50% of the fleet and would be deprived of some awesomely historic experiences on Infinite Flight. :)


Time to grease this baby!


Can’t wait to hop in the A330 really bummed out about some liveries that didn’t get added but I’ll just wait until next time. Thankyou devs for the awesome work


hehe ikr ;)


Merci beaucoup


No gear tilt??


I’m in love with the updated free camera, awesome work and a big thank you to the team!


Theres also an issue with the 777


The update to the A330 is a very soft rework. A fully A330 rework will come down the line.


No, unfortunately not as the first message says.


i miss the KLM …



Build :Latest build
Device : iPad Pro
Aircraft : A330
Skin : Sir Lanka


Please elaborate and head to #support :D


Closed out the IFC page about an hour ago, came back and saw this.Thats how quick life changes!


I don’t know my iPad is at home and it’s not on the play store on my phone so ???


This issue was resolved. A330 View Issue


Haha, when you go on to liveflightapp to track the new liveries it shows a UFO


Awesome, thanks!

Andrew Vespia


If I re-install Infinite Flight, what will I need to do in order to retrieve my account?