Version 19.1 Is Here!


Definitely great, and appreciated, just wish WOW still actually operated The A333


Cathay Pacific 2015 and TAM❤😍


Thank you for re-stating this. Everyone who just got here, ^^


Any new surprises ?


Question - So do I need to start every game in different liveries to download them?


There’s a cool feature where you can see legacy aircraft


Nope, there is no need! The chosen aircraft and livery will be downloaded each time you begin your flight. This greatly improves performance and removes the need for lengthy individual downloads each time the app is reinstalled!


No. The system will download liveries that it needs. There is no option to download all at once unless you actually go through all 679+ liveries. This way it saves on space by not downloading the C-17 model if you never encounter it. Delivery has been optimized so there is no need of downloading everything ahead of time.


I have expirienced a white glitch when I switch the camera view in the plane


Please delete and do a fresh install of update 19.1


I live you infinite flight thanks for all the wharf work can’t wait to get fjying


Thanks, going be a while for me to download every livery so I can see everyone lol


Is there a new way to remove aircrafts that has been Automatically Installed? I have to Download Infinite Flight every Time! ;/


WOW Air recently cancelled their orders on A330-300 after being bought by IndiGo, so that is kind of useless…


Wow,nice,what’s wrong with boeing 777-300er,there is bug in it


Not just A330 view though it was on a 737 too


Is there an exact estimate for how much storage IF now uses?


I was just about to say something about the 330 graphic glitches but you already know I guess lol awesome and thanks! Love this app so much.


Greatly appreciated :)

Everyone return the favor and give a 5 star rating for them! 🎉 ⭐️ 🎉⭐️🎉


That’s not necessary. All aircraft in the vicinity of you will be downloaded. You’ll see everyone, if not more, just like before. The big improvement is that the streaming and downloading is happening real time.