Version 19.1 Is Here!

What! I’m coming back to IF


Hop back on!

I just wanna say this is an outstanding update, you guys are unbeatable with your updates. The wingflex on the a333 makes flying it a lot more realistic. Furthermore, the reply system is outstanding and has a modern feel to it. It’s easy to use and it’s a blast watching yourself takeoff when ATC clears you to and land by airplanes holding short. I’d say this is one of the best post-global updates. Very pleased and joyful this update was able to be released!

You really shouldn’t be using more than 100% or even 95% in normal flight so it shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve recentrly tried using the replay system, one thing I’d like to ask is that when I have interface timeout, no bars or replays buttons go away.


Have a look at the tutorials regarding the replay functionality.

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Thank You! It worked now :)


I use 100% N1 for takeoffs on everything from the 777 to the 737.

Lets stay on topic please. If you would like to discuss flight specifics it is better in a PM.

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I’m just pointing out the lack of power in the A330

The old 330 was over-powered and with the improved flight physics it is more realistic now. If you are having a problem please log it in the #support category.


this is a perfect update and I will be flying an a330 all day! fnf. see if you can find me on live flight.


Its works really amazing)) i like it so much ! check this video how works replay system in global )


One of my favorite features is that when you spawn your gate location is shown in your ATC log. No more fumbling around to see where you are at when flying with friends.

Sometimes the little development things make big impacts.


I like the new animations and controls. Like the one for centering the map, now it zooms you out and brings it back in. And the free cam is a lot more smooth. Things like this are my bread and butter.

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its there :)

Guys what if I can’t see other aircraft? Like my thing is not downloading other aircraft

Do I have to select an aircraft, load and keep doing it for the others

Like before you can only see their aircraft if they are within a certain distance. Use the free cam and look around first and it should download them.

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Ohh I’ll try that now thanks!