Version 19.1 Is Here!

I must say I’m pleased with the effort gone into this update, especially the “Live Replay” and “Gate Restrictions”. Very nice, very cool. However I’m not very fond of the A330, although a nice effort, it’s still not my cup of tea. I’ll just stick to my Jetstar A320 and B788. But overall, a nice update. Thanks guys. 👍🏼


How do you do live replay?

It is out but it may take time for it to make its way around the internet.

Delete the app and re download it:)

Now that’s what I call impressive. That’s accurate! Thank you IF!


Take a look here.


Just greased a landing in Seoul love this update!!!

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Thank you very much for all the hardwork by the developers and beta testers. Every update is a joy and this Replay and A330 and other features are just awesome. 🎈🙏👍🎉

Okay, so I was flying AirAsiaX, When I was at about 40000 feet my speed decreased when I was M0.85 to 0.50 and I stalled.

Is there a fix to that?

I also step climbed


This just made my day! I’m so happy that the A330 has some more liveries! Nice work IFLLC!

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Thank you for your hard and appreciated work @jasonrosewell and the infinite flight team.
Also, I hope in the near future or in the next update to see some of the Middle Eastern liveries add (i.e. Saudia A330-300, B777-300, and Kuwait B777-300) I know some people will jump on me and say make a request in features but believe it or not the request is there and I voted for it and this is just a friendly remainder.

And again Thank you Infinite Fight team for your hard work!


This replay option is a milestone for IF. Now we have to thank all the IF crew.

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I would suggest doing it by leaving them a 5 star App Store rating. I know they would greatly appreciate that. I’m currently in the process of doing so :)


Yessss! Sleepless nights here I come!


How can I see other aircraft I only see theyre dots but not tge aircrafts its self.on live

Do you have you’re airplane count up?

How do you do that

Just crop the picture in your default photo editor.

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Is it just me, or did the satellite imagery get a huge upgrade as well? I could’ve sworn it wasn’t always this detailed; since when was it possible to see individual buildings??


To answer your first question @racerclc seems to me like everyone has anti-alising now.Its only 2 graphic settings now.