Version 19.1 Is Here!

i miss the KLM …


Build :Latest build
Device : iPad Pro
Aircraft : A330
Skin : Sir Lanka


Please elaborate and head to #support :D


Closed out the IFC page about an hour ago, came back and saw this.Thats how quick life changes!

I don’t know my iPad is at home and it’s not on the play store on my phone so ???

This issue was resolved. A330 View Issue

Haha, when you go on to liveflightapp to track the new liveries it shows a UFO

Awesome, thanks!

Andrew Vespia


If I re-install Infinite Flight, what will I need to do in order to retrieve my account?

@ScottDawson read the pinned announcement. Do a fresh install of the latest version to resolve the issue.

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Just did that buddy 2 min ago

I will deleted and have anothe go

Using the brand new Super High Resolution screenshot!

Looks super crisp. 👌


Damn I was going to cancel my subscription but this just made my day. Thanks so much FDS!

No. Usually, when you first get back on the app, it’ll automatically ask for confirmation. No need to do anything else :D

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I’m really confused ? What’s legacy planes sorry didn’t mean to tag u


Could someone get a picture of the A330 straight on? I want to confirm
or debunk a suspicion of mine.

Lmao all good

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Planes that Infinite Flight made a long time ago. Examples include C-17, 757/67, F-18, etc.

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Our legacy aircraft are some of the original aircraft in the fleet. As we continue to bring them to the same standard, this helps others recognize which aircraft fall under which “era” of Infinite Flight. Enjoy!

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Ahh I see thank you!