Version 19.1 Is Here!


Reinstall should do the trick :)

Nah they sent them back to Airbus airline is struggling

It won’t let me see anything

Nice! New update! Sadly I can’t play the a330 due to weird textures…


Guys, check Tylers post about the views please in #announcements

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How many times do we have to say this. If you’re having issues, check this announcement.

What’s a legacy aircraft?

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♥️ Just Beautiful ♥️


I just spawned at ZBAA and it’s doing the same thing on every view except the HUD view.

one word:


Thank you so much! Can’t wait to get flying in this update!! 🤙😁💪

Ok thanks. Doesn’t seem much of a change from previous.

Many of our aircraft carriers are retired in real life. This doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate their legacy and relive the routes! If we removed aircraft and liveries as they went away in real life you’d remove 50% of the fleet and would be deprived of some awesomely historic experiences on Infinite Flight. :)


Time to grease this baby!

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Can’t wait to hop in the A330 really bummed out about some liveries that didn’t get added but I’ll just wait until next time. Thankyou devs for the awesome work

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hehe ikr ;)

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Merci beaucoup