Verification Error

Hello everyone.

I keep getting this error message here, which tells me to contact support.

I use my Google Account.

Any idea?


Does it do this during the entire flight? I showed an orange triangle for User Account this morning but after a bit it returned to green. Make sure you restart your device and app regularly.

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This is happening to me now too even after a restart.
iPad Pro 12.9 2017
Latest IOS
Latest IF

It should go away after a bit.

It happened to me today on my flight between London and Tokyo from time to time.
After waiting a few minutes it returned to green.
I have tried the first time that it occured to fix this by switching to flight mode and after to reconnect but nothing changed.
Just wait a bit and it should be back to normal.

It does. But it keeps returning all over.

I wouldn’t be alarmed, if the “Live Server” icon turns red and doesn’t come back then there is an issue. Orange annunciations May show up form time to time.

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The weather one is showing the red exclamation mark for me for some time, never happened before for this long. Is there anyway to troubleshoot it? I tried opening and closing the apps several times.

Weather may drop out now and again especially if there is a glitch or an issue with the station in real life.

I just disconnected and reconnected my internet and it tuned back to the green checkmark for weather.