Verbal ATC

Is anyone interested in verbal ATC or knows of any sort of thing like this? I’m familiar with IFSIM but they don’t seem to be responding to me.

I feel like this would be pretty awesome if we were able to get it to work. Just curious to see what people think about verbal ATC. In my opinion it adds a very unique bit of realism that infinite flight is not able to do at the moment and probably won’t ever accomadate. Thoughts?

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IFSIM is no longer alive but IFVATC is something similar. Discord server:

I don’t think it will be a good idea to add to infinite flight since the majority of the customers are not pilots IRL.

It wasnt a feature request. He was asking if it still exist since IFSIM was a thing. We do verbal ATC for fun

agreed, I dont want this game to turn into trolling FSX with Steam


He said what ppl think and that what I think.

Thanks for your input and I agree with you but I never said I wanted IF to become pure verbal ATC as that’d be an inconvenience to most.

Ok awesome! I’ll check it out👍🏻 does it have a lot of users?

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No, no, no lots of privacy issues. For me I would delete IF if they added this. Also lets not turn this into flight sim x with the trolls…

Again… Never said I wanted this built into IF. I’m talkin about groups that do this using IF that are completely seperate from FDS

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And he also said what if there was anything out there voice atc and i told him

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