Verbal ATC using Zello

I would like to practice verbal ATC and I would need some pilots to fly around. I can do ATC at any airport using Zello. It’s a lot of fun. Please reply of interested.
Please reply

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I would ATC in free flight server so that we won’t interfere with normal ATC.
I would need pilots. Please reply. It’s a lot of fun. You can pick the airport

Is anyone interested? It’s a lot of fun.

Maybe, how does it work?

You get the Zello app, it free and you add the channel whirlwind VA and your good to go. Message me when your ready and tell me the airport you want

Ok, maybe. 👍🏻

Cool let me know. In how long? I’m ready now but I don’t k who about you.

Maybe in about 5 minutes. I’ll PM you when I’m ready.

Ok cool. Looking forwards to it. We will use the Zello channel Whirlwind VA. What airport do yo want to fly at? @GolferRyan

I’d prefer KAPA in the Denver region

KAPA it is. Dot. Forget to PM me when your ready. We use free flight server1. Don’t use any ATC server.
Cool see you there soon. @GolferRyan

I’m at KAPA now. Ready when you are. In free flight server 1. PM me when your ready. I am using the whirlwind VA channel on Zello. @GolferRyan

Just joined

How do you talk

Which channel dos you join?

@jjt0909 which channel r you on?

@jjt0909 which channel are you on? Which airport? And which server? I use free flight server1

I am channel whirlwind

Ok. I’ll log on now. What airport do you want? @jjt0909

Heathrow would be nice