VEPT Fly In/Fly Out

Let’s simulate one busy day at this regional airport of India! Jay Prakash Narayan Airport, Patna (VEPT/PAT). In This event, I will be assigning all the fly in/fly out flights so feel free to ask for one. Also to enhance realism of airport operations I’d recommend all of you to do a whole Fly In + Fly Out, since this is a regional airport in which no aircraft stays more than 30 minutes, as this airport is only operational for about 14 hours a day. Please participate and let me know in the comments which flight do you want fly in, fly out or both.

Server: Expert

Note: I will be regularly updating the flight list below from flightradar24 so even if some things aren’t updated yet, you can go to the app and choose in advance which flight you want and let me know, so once i update that here i ll tag you for that flight as well ;)

Recommendations/Tips :-

  1. VEPT has a runway length of around 6,700 ft only which makes it a little challenging airport for 320 and 737, to maintain realism make sure to Take off on flap setting of 2 for A320 and flap setting of 10° for 737, whereas landing has to be in full flaps only!

  2. Always back taxi all the way to the end of the runway and use the turnaround bay for lining up and making 180° turns.

  3. This airport has very short taxi times so no need of single engine taxi :)

  4. spawn 15-20 minutes before the flight for fly outs and end the flight no more than 10 minutes after parking the aircraft for fly ins, as the parking gates are very limited in this airport so allow others to spawn in and park as well :)

  5. since we dont have the spicejet livery on B737-800 yet so we can use 737-900 variant although it is not allowed on patna’s runway due to its length and so is the A321.


Departure from Dep & Arr times Flight info Player
VIDP 2024-06-22T00:50:00Z2024-06-22T02:30:00Z 6E5058 Indigo A320
VECC 2024-06-22T01:45:00Z2024-06-22T03:05:00Z 6E713 Indigo A320
VICG 2024-06-22T02:00:00Z2024-06-22T03:50:00Z 6E6394 Indigo A320
VIDP 2024-06-22T02:50:00Z2024-06-22T04:35:00Z UK717 Vistara A320
VIDP 2024-06-22T03:10:00Z2024-06-22T04:50:00Z 6E2769 Indigo A320
VOHS 2024-06-22T03:00:00Z2024-06-22T05:00:00Z 6E6719 Indigo A320
VOBL 2024-06-22T02:55:00Z2024-06-22T05:25:00Z 6E6801 Indigo A320
VILK 2024-06-22T04:40:00Z2024-06-22T05:45:00Z 6E6902 Indigo A320
VIDP 2024-06-22T04:30:00Z2024-06-22T06:10:00Z 6E2373 Indigo A320
VAAH 2024-06-22T05:20:00Z2024-06-22T07:30:00Z 6E921 Indigo A320
VABB 2024-06-22T05:25:00Z2024-06-22T07:40:00Z AI673 Air India A320
VEBS 2024-06-22T06:45:00Z2024-06-22T08:00:00Z 6E6485 Indigo A320
VOMM 2024-06-22T06:35:00Z2024-06-22T08:50:00Z 6E539 Indigo A320
VERC 2024-06-22T08:10:00Z2024-06-22T09:05:00Z 6E925 Indigo A320
VABB 2024-06-22T07:10:00Z2024-06-22T09:35:00Z 6E2043 Indigo A320
Destination Dep & Arr times Flight info Player
VIDP 2024-06-22T02:55:00Z2024-06-22T04:25:00Z 6E5463 Indigo A320
VECC 2024-06-22T03:30:00Z2024-06-22T04:35:00Z 6E663 Indigo A320
VEBS 2024-06-22T04:25:00Z2024-06-22T05:55:00Z 6E6394 Indigo A320
VIDP 2024-06-22T05:15:00Z2024-06-22T06:55:00Z UK718 Vistara A320
VIDP 2024-06-22T05:25:00Z2024-06-22T07:05:00Z 6E2134 Indigo A320
VOHS 2024-06-22T05:35:00Z2024-06-22T07:25:00Z 6E432 Indigo A320
VOBL 2024-06-22T06:00:00Z2024-06-22T08:25:00Z 6E805 Indigo A320
VERC 2024-06-22T06:20:00Z2024-06-22T07:10:00Z 6E6902 Indigo A320
VIDP 2024-06-22T06:45:00Z2024-06-22T08:30:00Z 6E2074 Indigo A320
VABB 2024-06-22T08:15:00Z2024-06-22T10:50:00Z AI732 Air India A320
VAPO 2024-06-22T08:25:00Z2024-06-22T10:35:00Z 6E126 Indigo A320
VICG 2024-06-22T08:40:00Z2024-06-22T10:20:00Z 6E6485 Indigo A320
VOMM 2024-06-22T09:25:00Z2024-06-22T11:50:00Z 6E597 Indigo A320
VILK 2024-06-22T09:40:00Z2024-06-22T10:35:00Z 6E925 Indigo A320
VABB 2024-06-22T10:10:00Z2024-06-22T12:45:00Z 6E2167 Indigo A320
VECC 2024-06-22T10:20:00Z2024-06-22T11:25:00Z 6E775 Indigo A320

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